The Real Deal on School Construction

Misinformation is deliberately being spread in North Caldwell, and we want to set the record straight. Matt Atlas and Anthony Floria-Callori do not support a $100 million school construction bond and have never even discussed the construction of a new school as candidates for Town Council. Moreover, as reported at last night's NC Board of Education meeting, there is no proposal for school construction that comes anywhere close to this $100M figure. While we are extremely passionate about education, school facilities and construction falls under the Board of Education’s domain, not the Town Council’s, so it’s certainly not an issue on which we would be campaigning.

As candidates for the North Caldwell Borough Council, we are advocating for better coordination and communication between the Council and the NC and West Essex Boards of Education – something we are well suited to help fix. We recognize that with the increase in development and housing turnover, and the resulting increase in children in our school system, we all need to come together as a community to address these school-related challenges.

If you hear any other far-fetched rumors about what we do or don’t support, please don’t take them at face value. Just reach out to us--we are happy to tell you what we really stand for.

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