Planning & Development
  • Over the past few years, several new real estate developments have reshaped and transformed North Caldwell, and more are on the horizon. As a result, our town is facing big and complicated issues that need new perspectives and leaders who can solve problems.

  • As council members, we will engage in short-term and long-term planning for town projects and will work to ensure that when the town begins significant and costly projects, it has clear end goals, specific plans, and known price tags.

  • We are committed to making physical improvements to our town that are beneficial and useful to a majority of our residents, and will solicit and listen to the input of our community.

  • We will work to improve the sidewalks and roads in North Caldwell, address the ongoing drainage issues that have steadily increased as a result of recent developments, and explore opportunities to improve public utilities such as electricity, Internet connection and cell phone reception.