Meet Matthew Atlas

My family and I have lived in North Caldwell for 15 years.  Along with my wife, Kerry, we have raised our three sons (and dog, Beckham) in North Caldwell and have been very involved in the community since moving to town. 

Most recently I have had the honor of serving on the North Caldwell Board of Education.  In that capacity, I have been involved with discussions regarding the potential renovation, expansion or building of our school buildings.  I have also chaired the COVID committee and, along with other Board members, have been working with our District Superintendent and Business Administrator in planning the reopening of Grandview and Gould elementary schools in the wake of the pandemic.

I am committed to serving our community and continuing to improve our wonderful schools.  With the growth of our town and our schools nearing capacity, we must explore either the renovation of our elementary schools or building a new elementary school (or both).  With my experience on the Board of Education, I believe that I would be well-suited as a member of the Council to work with and support the North Caldwell and West Essex Boards of Education and their efforts for expansion.  


I am currently an officer of the North Caldwell Recreational Foundation, which is committed to raising funds and supporting projects to improve the town’s recreational facilities.  Along with other residents I have been involved with the Foundation for several years, including organizing the North Caldwell 5K and Color Run, and working with a committee group of residents to design and build the beautiful, new Liberty turf field.

Professionally, I am an attorney.  After graduating from the University of Virginia law school, I worked for law firms, including locally at Lowenstein Sandler in Roseland, and as an in-house lawyer at corporations such as Chase, Colgate-Palmolive and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Atlas and Floria-Callori for North Caldwell Council, 4 Chestnut Hill Road, North Caldwell, NJ 07006

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