Meet Anthony Floria-Callori

I have treasured my time living in North Caldwell.  My wife, Lindsay, and I are homegrown West Essex residents and chose the very special community of North Caldwell to raise our family.  Our two sons, Colton (8) and Decker (5), have the great privilege of growing up in a town that values education, its “green jewel” landscape, and coming together as a community to get to know and help one another.  These are likely many of the same reasons you chose to move, stay, or return here.

Since joining and engaging with the North Caldwell community, I have come to understand that informed and careful development oversight, collaborative planning for our educational system, and transparent and ongoing communication between the governing body and residents are critical to the future of our Borough.  We need fresh thinking to best preserve what we all love about North Caldwell and position it to thrive in the future.  We need leadership that will work to anticipate challenges and issues presented by new development and minimize or eliminate detrimental impact to our infrastructure and education system.  We need a forum where residents feel welcomed and encouraged to come forward and contribute to the prosperity of our town.

I have diligently worked as a member of the Borough’s Zoning Board of Adjustment, a natural position for me with my years of experience in real estate law and leadership positions with Essex County and New Jersey Bar Association groups.  Over the past year I have regularly participated in Borough Council meetings, asking questions about our Borough’s planning processes and working to obtain information about key Council decisions for public dissemination.  I have had a front row seat to evaluate what is working for our Borough and what we can do better with a change of leadership.  I know that for me, as well as many of our fellow residents, witnessing the drainage crisis that resulted from The Reserve at North Caldwell development sounded an alarm that help and vision is needed to ensure the best possible outcomes for the future of the Walker’s Pond and Greenbrook Country Club properties.

North Caldwell has an incredible spirit.  I have seen it through my work as Vice President of the North Caldwell Recreation Foundation and felt it on our athletic fields while coaching, and even in our streets as we ran for North Caldwell.  I have felt it on the many North Caldwell Board of Education virtual meetings as the Board took input from hundreds of interested parents to work as a team to craft the best year possible for our students.  And I sensed it from so many of you as I traveled from door to door to meet you in pre-COVID times.

That energy inspires me to work for the continued betterment of our community.  I along, with my running mate, Matt, invite you to join us as we work to move North Caldwell forward together.